COVID-19 & Pickup & Delivery

Pickup & Delivery Has Become The Rage. What's Going On?

September 15, 2020


Tiffany's Laundry has done pickup and delivery laundry service for the last twelve years, but recently it has become the rage.  What's going on?

Most families today have all the adults working.  It makes for a very busy and stressful life.  After work, there are still the household chores, helping kids with homework, grocery shopping, and doing the laundry.  So families are doing what they can to cut down on the time spent on chores and trying to make their lives easier.  People are now buying their clothes and other things they need on Amazon or online.  Many are having their groceries delivered.  Instead of going out to eat, they are having one of the many companies deliver their dinners from local restaurants.

The laundromat industry got into this new trend.   Several laundromat companies are having vehicles come to your house to pickup and deliver your clothes.  They wash, dry and fold your clothes before bringing your laundry back to you the following day.  

Tiffany's is experienced at doing laundry, so we're not learning on you.  We've been doing laundry pickup for twelve years.  Our attendants know the proper ways to launder your clothes and fold them neater than you would ever do yourself.

In March, we started to experience Covid 19.  Though laundromats were an essential business, the average laundromat's business went down by 30%.  The average laundromat's drop off business went down significantly.   People were sheltering in place and didn't want to go anywhere if they could avoid it.  Even though laundromats were open, people started avoiding them.  So, we decided to come to you.  We were able to implement contactless pickups.  We could leave the clothes on your porch and text you that they were there so you had no contact with anyone.   During Covid, our pickup and delivery continued to grow.  It was the safest way for you to get your laundry done.

So, many people took advantage of the pickup and delivery service and realized  how much it helped them and how little they missed doing their own laundry. Give it a try.  It's safer and it will save you so much time!

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